A recent press release from HSE gives evidence of how important Health & Safety in the workforce is.  A Swansea-base Director has been jailed and company has been sentenced due to continuous failures to comply.  HSE inspector Anne Marie Orrells said: “As the national regulator for workplace health and safety, we believe firm but fair enforcement of the law is one of a number of ways in which we help Great Britain work well.


“Sadly, this case was among a minority of our investigations where we were met with a consistent wilful and flagrant disregard for the law, the environment, workers at Crofty Point Metals Ltd and members of the public by the company and Robert Michael Collis. HSE gave advice and guidance before progressing to enforcement yet most of the interventions we made were largely ignored.”

Health & Safety is more than ticking boxes, it is to ensure that incidents mentioned do not occur and place employees and public at risk.

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