A policeman was hit by a car whilst on duty and stopped passers-by to help him stop bleeding to death. He is now urging others to learn First Aid as it is such a vital skill

PC Tom Dorman, 26, informed BBC that he was experiencing “catastrophic” bleeding from his leg, and could have “died within two minutes” without medical attention.

The incident has resulted in his left leg amputated after suffering appalling injuries. However, he said he might not be here to tell the tale if he had been unable to guide people who offered help.

PC Dorman told Metro that ‘I don’t remember the pain, I think I was working off adrenaline but I found the resolve to talk to members of the public to instruct one on how to make an improvised tourniquet,’ he said.

‘I think they used a belt and another jumper to try to stop the flow of blood and give me more time. I am very thankful to them, all the people who came out, and my colleagues who arrived at the scene, who all saved my life.’

The incident occurred when PC Dorman had left an unmarked police car to question a motorist when a vehicle collided into him.

The keen snowboarder was in hospital for 5 weeks but feeling determined that one day he may even return to the slopes.


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