With the weather across the UK dropping drastically over the past couple of days, we can say winter is definitely here!

Is your First Aid Knowledge up to date, winter brings cold weather and icy conditions that increases risks such as

Staying safe on the ice

The Icy roads and pavements can be the cause of many accidents at this time of the year, resulting in serious injuries such as fractures, dislocations and head injuries.

Driving in snow and ice: is your winter first aid kit stocked up?

It’s a good idea to carry winter driving essentials such as an ice scraper, screen wash and de-icer. We also advise a First Aid Kit for any unforeseen circumstances!


The body retains heat in cold conditions by shivering, raising the fine hairs on the skin, constricting blood vessels and burning fat. However, when severe hypothermia sets in, the shivering stops. Other signs of hypothermia include pale, cold skin, disorientation, shallow breathing and a weak pulse.

Staying safe in the winter

Being proactive and having confidence and knowledge in First Aid can be a life saving skill. If you would like to learn or refresh this knowledge, First Rate Training would be thrilled to help!

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