With the COVID-19 pandemic, First Aid still remains an essential skill. So how do we provide First Aid safely? First Rate Training has put together advice for our first aiders so you can provide these skills learnt, whilst keeping yourself and others safe.

Risk Assessment

Always assess the risk of cross contamination, especially when being close to a casualty (to check for breathing)

Your Safety

Make sure you wash your hands or have access to hand sanitiser, before and after treating a casualty. Do not sneeze or cough when assessing.

You can find more on how to keep yourself safe when providing CPR here.

DONT FORGET that cross contamination that can happen that isn’t related to COVID-19 can still happens. So wearing gloves treating open wounds, disposing of waste safely and being cautious with dressing touching wound is still important.

Keep updated

With this being a new disease, we are learning more about the virus every day. Keep updated with advice from the NHS111, or GOV.UK website

Remember to look after yourself

These are challenging times for everyone with a lot of worry. It is critical you look after yourself, and reach out for help if needed.