In response to the current COVID 19 conditions First Rate Training has undertaken extensive evaluation of suitable training venues.

We have chosen the Mercure Swansea Hotel as our preferred venue and we have selected the largest function room they have available to deliver our training courses in the safest possible way. The room can seat 70 people theatre style but we will have no more than 12 people attending our courses to allow plenty of space and to enable us to exceed the social distancing requirements.


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If during the course you have any concern regarding protective measures being taken to minimize risk of exposure to Covid 19 please make this known to the trainer in the first instance. The trainer can either address the issue directly, or if it is a venue issue, he can take this up with management at the hotel.

We take your safety very seriously and we will do our utmost to ensure you have a safe training course; elements may need to be adapted to ensure safety while we operate in these different conditions.

Many thanks

First Rate Training team